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Our technology integrates with your existing HIPAA EDI systems for both Claims (835) and Premium Payments (820).

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Our mission is to advance the use of bitcoin for payments across the healthcare ecosystem.

No Delays

Rocket fast settlement. No need to wait for checks to be mailed or deposits to clear.


Supports hardware wallets, or hot wallets at a trusted exchange like Coinbase.

A wave is coming are you ready?

We believe the future of healthcare payments is bitcoin. We are dedicated to helping payers and providers realize the benefits of a decentralized open monetary network. The wave is bitcoin, catch it.

Our flagship CapitationPay and ClaimsPay products are designed to integrate with your existing systems. You can still pay some providers in fiat, while other early adopters can be paid in bitcoin.

We offer development and consulting for healthcare organizations that want to adopt bitcoin. Drug Rebates, Incentive Payments, In-Home Support Services, something else?

Main Features

Our software is built on the Amazon Web Service (AWS) platform. We offer a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) version where we host it for you, or we can stand up our software stack in your AWS environment, giving you total control.


Supports multi-factor authentication and can be integrated with your identity provider of choice.


API based and can easily integrate with your existing EDI system.


Our serverless architecture is designed to scale to meet any size organization.


Gain immediate insights into how much your paying out in bitcoin.